May 5, 2008

This family is WAY TO CLOSE!!!

So I know I have not posted in a while. I have not had a lot of time to put into my ancestry. Lately I came accross some new family info. While imputting it into the ancestry web site I came accross a few stories. I thought I would share just in case someone else happens to be looking for the same people. This is making my record research rather difficult as I now have to figure out who is who. At least someone has already figured out the connections between people!
Enjoy! it gets confusing I promise.

Rebecca Crump (1834-1906), was the daughter of Lewis Crump (1784-1845).
She married Cicero McAmy Prestwood, who was a grandson of Mavil Clark (1767-1836). A great-granddaughter of Mavil Clark, Jane Mahuldah Clark (1847-1928), married David Crump (1850-1930), who was a great-nephew of Lewis Crump (1784-1845).
The Crump and Clark families inter-married on a number of different occasions.

Elizabeth (called Betsey) Setzer (b. 1790-99), daughter of Adam Setzer (1758-1843) and Elizabeth Arney, had a child, Mary Matilda Setzer (1817-1906), before she--Elizabeth-- married Lewis Crump. This Mary Matilda was raised by her grandparents Adam and Elizabeth Setzer and was always considered to be a Setzer. According to the Bastardry Bonds of N.C., John Boone, a sheriff in Burke County, N.C., was her father. Elizabeth (Betsy) Setzer and John Boone never married.
Elizabeth (Betsy)Setzer's brother, Jacob Setzer (1783-1861), married John Boone's sister, Jemima Boone. They did not appear to have any children of their own, but it's possible that they kept their niece, Mary Matilda Setzer (1817-1906), when she was young.
Elizabeth (Betsy) Setzer and her husband Lewis Crump had a daughter named Mary. She married Alfred Cannon. Do not confuse this Mary Crump with her half sister Mary Matilda Setzer (1817-1906), who married Madison Estes.
Adam Setzer (1758-1843) and Elizabeth Arney had a son, David Setzer (1797-1866), who married Polly Winkler. They had a daughter named Mary Matilda Setzer (1834-1911). This Mary Matilda Setzer (1834-1911) married Daniel Crump Jr. (1831-1906), and is often confused with her cousin Mary Matilda Setzer Estes (1817-1906).
Elizabeth (Betsy) Setzer Crump (b.1790-99), and David Setzer (1797-1866), had a sister, Susan Setzer, who married Daniel Crump Sr. (1797-1879). Daniel Crump Sr. was both the brother of Elizabeth's husband Lewis Crump, and the father of Daniel Crump Jr (1831-1906), who married Mary Matilda Setzer (1834-1911), daughter of David Setzer and Polly Winkler

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