May 5, 2008

More on the Crump Family

I am adding stories bit by bit. I have ran across many. Some are a bit confusing.

When Conrad Crump applied for his Revolutionary War pension in 1832, he listed his age as 79. That would mean he was born in 1753.
Oma Clark, in a book on the Crump family which was, I believe, informally published around 2001 or 2002, says that one of her in-laws married a German woman who was born in the same area as Conrad Crump. This in-law researched the Crump Family and eventually hired a professional genealogist by the name of Erich Botte (spelled with a .. over the o), to continue the research.
Searching through church records, they couldn't find a Conrad Crump (Kramm) who was born in 1753. They did, however, find a Johann Conradt Kramm who was born in Burguffeln on March 20, 1757.
The following information comes from Oma Clark:
Family names were entered into the Church Books the way they sounded to the person who was doing the writting. Therefore, Kramm, Kramme, Kram, Cramm, Cramme and Gram are all the same family. Conradt was the old way of spelling Conrad (which is also spelled Konrad).
Johann Conradt Kramm was born 20 Mar 1757 at about 2 p.m. in Burguffeln, and christened 25 Mar 1757 in Burguffeln. "Die Eintragungen in den Militarunterlagen bzw. in den Unterlagen des Hessischen Staatsarchivs in Marburg beruhen offensichtlich auf eined Hor-order Ubertragungsfehler." In short, he went with the Hessian Soldiers to America.
His father was Johann Henrich Kramm, a farmer and a magistrate, b. 1722 in Burguffeln, d. 1794 (age 72 years, 5 months and 13 days), in Burguffeln.
His mother was Martha Elisabeth Hold (also spelled Holden), b. 1727 in Westuffeln, d. after 1770 in ?. She was born out of wedlock to the Hold (Holden) family.
His Godfather was Johann Conradt Butterweck, from Westuffeln, who was the brother-in-law of Johann Heinrich Kramm.
Everything that I have in this family tree for the ancestry of Johann Henrich Kramm and his wife, Martha Elisabeth Holden Kramm, comes from Oma Clark.

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Eric said...

Direct descendant of Conrad Crump. Still live in his home land. Attended the Crump reunion this summer,(first time I attended) We traced all this years ago. I was poking around on info and stumbled on your posts. Interesting and most of what you have is fairly accurate. Anyway, just a shout out.