September 22, 2007


So I found a pretty cool site that has an endless amount of recipes. You can search by ingredients, course, occasion, cuisine,diet. When you find a recipe that you like you can add it to what they call a cookbook for later reference. They also give you the capabilities to search other members cookbooks.

It is a great place to find ideas for a party or even a romantic dinner. I stumbled across this site while trying to find ideas for a picnic breakfast. I found some great ideas and recipes. So now I think I am hooked and have already started my own cookbook!

Another great feature is it shows you the nutritional values of each recipe. Great for someone like me who is trying to eat healthier and plan healthier meals for me and my significant other. Don't forget you can also search for recipes based on food allergies as well! A friend of mine is Gluten intolerant so this is a great site for her.

So my suggestion is to check it out and see for yourself what you think.


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